ࡱ> gih5@ bjbj22 6XXpz.8.$R4.7T'H' (fShShShShShShS$VREYS.K'^'..SS4///."fS/.fS//0PR \O7.RR4*S<Sb7TR4ZH/RZhR..ZR8()N/?+ K,(((SS..dd /..THE PAEDIATRIC SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND Secretariat: Email:Denise Tringham P O Box 22 234 Wellington Tel: (04) 938 4827 Fax: (04) 976 4827  HYPERLINK "mailto:psnz@paradise.net.nz" psnz@paradise.net.nz   Position Statement Improving Coverage of Well Child Care and General Practitioner Care The Paediatric Society of New Zealand believes that: - The health status and health care for young children can be improved by having an appropriately trained and experienced Well Child Health Provider. International evidence suggests improved outcomes where WCC begins antenatally. Well Child Care should therefore start antenatally and continue as outlined in the Tamariki Ora National Schedule. Appropriate transfer of responsibilities between providers (handover) is needed to assure continuity of care. Our vision is an unbroken "chain" of providers working together in an integrated co-ordinated fashion to provide care. Every New Zealand child has the right to receive Well Child Care (WCC) and have a regular General Practitioner. Families should have a General Practitioner who knows the family and child(ren) well, (a medical home) and that this will lead to improved health care for all members of the family. Families who do not have a GP should be supported in finding one. The Paediatric Society of New Zealand notes that: - Many of those children who have most to gain from WCC are currently missing out. The Health and Disability Commissioner's Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights includes the obligation for ".services provided in a manner that minimises the potential harm to, and optimises the quality of life of, that consumer" and "..co-operation among providers to ensure quality and continuity of services The New Zealand Health Strategy includes well child care as a New Zealand health goal, The Primary Health Strategy and The Child Health Strategy state well child care as a priority Well child care is provided by a number of providers/agencies commencing with Lead Maternity Carers (LMC's) which starts before the birth of a child and can continue up to 6 weeks of age. LMC's provide all the 3 key components of Well Child Care; namely health education and promotion, health protection and clinical assessment and family/whanau care and support. LMCs are uniquely placed to enhance service coverage by promoting other providers and through meticulous transfer of care, so fewer children become "hard to reach" The Paediatric Society of New Zealand will therefore undertake to recommend to its members that: - They develop integrated systems of care which ensure communication and co-ordination between well child providers, LMCs and primary care For all children under their care They promote all components of the Tamariki Ora National Schedule for Well Child Care and recommend to all parents that they should have a General Practitioner and a Well Child Health Provider. Management should include communication with the childs General Practitioner, LMC (when still under the care of an LMC) and the Well Child Provider All Paediatric Units be familiar with their local General Practitioners and Well Child Providers, especially those providing services to populations most likely to experience barriers to access. The Paediatric Society of New Zealand recommends to the Ministry of Health Review contracts to ensure the best interests of the child are reflected through continuity between services and a requirements for clear processes of transfer between providers. That monitoring of the Section 88 contract includes: - Antenatal care Lead Maternity Carers (LMC's) promotion of: Well Child Care as detailed in the National Tamariki Ora Schedule, including full and timely immunisation, the giving of vitamin K and use of the "Guthrie" card Care from a regular General Practitioner We note that Recommendation (1) may have training implications for LMCs, both those in current practice and those in training. Transfer of Care To support continuity of care and improve coverage of Well Child Care and General Practitioner services a contractual requirement should exist as a minimum requirement for written:- notification of birth within 2 working days to the babys intended Well Child Care provider/s notification of birth within 2 working days to the babys intended General Practitioner transfer of care information to the babys Well Child Care provider before 6 weeks transfer of care information to the babys General Practitioner before 6 weeks that as required additional telephone and/or personal contact is made to ensure quality care. In some communities multidisciplinary groupings, that include general practice, allow for the provision of all components of Well Child Care from a single organisation. In these circumstances notification of birth and transfer of care can occur to the single organisation. Record Keeping and Audit Events related to supporting the future well being of the infant are supported by appropriate record keeping and audit including: The date of notification of the birth to the babys intended Well Child Care provider The date of notification of the birth to the babys intended General Practitioner The date of transfer of care information to the babys intended will child care provider The date of transfer of care information to the babys intended General Practitioner Audit be enforced and include the above Systems address LMCs who consistently fail to achieve these standards. Well Child Providers Links with other providers Formal links with General Practitioners Communication and co-ordination with other providers of care for children and families in their care Health of our children: Wealth of our nation www.paediatrics.org.nz September 2004 Review: November 2005 Nick Baker '()BC 㵥|pkgYgG"hWh)k9:CJOJQJaJjh)kUmHnHuh)k h)k5h)k0JCJOJQJ*jh)kB*CJOJQJUph$jh)kB*CJOJQJUphh)k5B*CJOJQJphh)kB*CJOJQJphh)k5B*CJ(OJQJphh)k5B*CJ$OJQJphh)k5OJQJ%jh)k5OJQJUmHnHu()6789:<CSbm $ t$Ifa$$ !Sn#$Ifa$$ !Sn#$Ifa$ $ $Ifa$  x$If  $Ifp9 : q   yqyqy$a$gdW $ & Fa$gdW$a$ !lkd$$If\Vy>p#2%aV  & 9 : q R q r s '*-.0BC-.7{sdh)kCJOJQJh)kOJQJ h:Qeh:Qeh:Qeh)k9:CJOJQJh)kh)k5CJOJQJh:QeCJOJQJh)k6CJOJQJh)kCJOJQJhWCJOJQJh)k9:>*CJOJQJ h)kCJ "hWh)k9:CJOJQJaJhW9:CJOJQJaJ$ % ' ! 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Position Statements

From time to time the Society will produce a Position Statement - a statement that presents the Society's opinion about a particular child health issue in the form of a detailed report which explains and/or recommends a particular course of action.  

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