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Feedback from these groups is as follows: Medication Infusion Devices: Non-compatibility A system is needed which clearly identifies non-compatibility with other systems eg. nasogastric equipment should not be able to be connected to intravenous equipment. (Contact: Elaine McCall:  HYPERLINK mailto:EMcCall@adhb.govt.nz EMcCall@adhb.govt.nz) 2. Central Storage for Infusion Pumps There is concern that centralised storage of infusion pumps may lead to delays in access especially in larger hospitals. It would also need to be clarified if “centralised storage” meant the storage for a city, DHB or hospital. Also, past experience has also shown that pumps stored locally leads to localised ownership of pump failures and quicker resolution of these problems. (Contact: Jane Stafford: JaneSt@adhb.govt.nz) 3. Pharmaceutical Information: data sheets All intravenous drug preparations should be accompanied with up to date written information on drug dilution, powder displacements, and compatible infusion solutions. The increase in supply of Section 29 preparations has resulted in the emergence of i.v. drug preparations with non-English labelling and without data sheets. This needs to be addressed as a risk issue. (Contact: John Kristiansen:  HYPERLINK mailto:JohnK@adhb.govt.nz JohnK@adhb.govt.nz) 4. Drug solution concentrations We were unable to reach agreement on whether standardisation of drug concentrations was advantageous. 5. Pre-Mix solutions Pre- mixed solutions specific to paediatrics would be advantageous. (Contact: Dianne Wright: Dianne.Wright@tdhb.org.nz) 6. Smart Pumps This system requires the nursing staff to use the “rule of six” for drug dilutions. If the “rule of six” is not used a large database of information is needed which will be an onerous task to keep updated. (Contact: Simon Ogden:  HYPERLINK "mailto:Simon.Ogden@ccdhb.org.nz" Simon.Ogden@ccdhb.org.nz) If you require more information on the above issues would you make direct contact with the nurses/pharmacists as indicated. Yours sincerely Brenda Hughes Chairman Special Interest Group The Paediatric Society of New Zealand THE PAEDIATRIC SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND Secretariat: Email:Denise Tringham P O Box 22 234 Wellington Tel: (04) 938 4827 Fax: (04) 976 4827 psnz@paradise.net.nz  “Health of our children: Wealth of our nation” ПРЫ ії&шщ&')*-P   , П Р х ц ч љ њ   ˆ ™ š  &   < = > V W ї њ BCDijk‚ƒщћћћїћћѕ№ш№х№ћѕѕѕ№н№х№ѕзѕћѕ№Я№х№ћТМВЈМ – 5B*CJOJQJB*CJOJQJ5B*CJ(OJQJ5B*CJ$OJQJ 5OJQJj5OJQJUmHjжU >*OJQJjяU0JjU jU>*5>*OJQJ;2lŒ™ЌПРЪЫ Ьії&Я)*Pб  , Ђ §§§§§§§§§§§§§њ§§§§ѕёёё§§§§§§„h & F$2lŒ™ЌПРЪЫ Ьії&Я)*Pб  , Ђ ќ §  „ … š р   & і Y Z з и ш щ ї ј љ њ ?@ABDjkxyz{|ƒ“Ђ­Сеъыьэюяѓјљћќ§,./ќњњњњѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕђяњњњяњњњэњэњњ     SЂ ќ §  „ … š р   & і Y Z з и ш щ ї ј љ њ @ABDj§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ћ§єщ $Єx$ ЦŠР$ ЦŠРjkxyz{|ƒ“Ђ­СеъыьэюяѓєјырррррыррйврЦРОМКБК $ Ц рР!n#‚ ЦрР! $$ж і”u+#$ ЦŽР$ ЦŽ $ Ц рР!Sn#Р‚ Є№$ Ц рР!Sn#Р‚$ ЦŠРщъыяђ/і№щ jUmH 5OJQJ5B*CJOJQJєѕіїјљњћќ§,-./§ћљћћћћѓћыћћћ$ ЦрР! ЦрР! (&P А‚. АЦA!АŠ"АŠ#м$Ѕ%ААnАгяDаЩъyљКЮŒ‚ЊKЉ EMcCall@adhb.govt.nzрЩъyљКЮŒ‚ЊKЉ Pmailto:EMcCall@adhb.govt.nzyXє;HЏ,‚]Ф…'cЅЋчDаЩъyљКЮŒ‚ЊKЉ JohnK@adhb.govt.nzрЩъyљКЮŒ‚ЊKЉ Lmailto:JohnK@adhb.govt.nzyXє;HЏ,‚]Ф…'cЅЋчDаЩъyљКЮŒ‚ЊKЉ Simon.Ogden@ccdhb.org.nzрЩъyљКЮŒ‚ЊKЉ @mailto:Simon.Ogden@ccdhb.org.nz [@@ёџ@Normal$*$dи ЦЊ@ˆўџmH 00 Heading 1$@&500 Heading 2$@&>*   Heading 3m$$*$@& Ц\ћт§В‚R" ђ Т’b2в> Y!r"B%(т*В-‚0R3"6ђ8Т;’>bA2DGвI56@ˆўџCJ00 Heading 4$@&CJ44 Heading 5$@&5CJ44 Heading 6$@&5CJ88 Heading 7 $$@&5CJ44 Heading 8 $$@&5<A@ђџЁ<Default Paragraph Font<ў<Address$5OJQJhmH nH 0@0Header  ЦрР!CJ0 @0Footer  ЦрР!CJ(U@Ђ!( Hyperlink>*B*8V@Ђ18FollowedHyperlink>*B* LBBL Body Text$*$1$ Цаp@ @ˆўџhnH F>RFTitle$*$1$ Цаp@ 5CJ0hnH .Pb. 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The Paediatric Society believes all children and youth should, by right, attain optimal physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.  By working as a coordinated national network of health professionals the Society dedicates its efforts and resources to making official submissions to both Government and Non-Government organisations on issues that will impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

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