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Exceptional Circumstances Scheme We support the proposal to merge the EC scheme into the existing process for funding other pharmaceuticals through PTAC and PHARMAC. We would make the following points: The EC scheme does not work well for paediatric patients. It does not give the paediatric subspecialists caring for these children enough flexibility to prescribe within their field of expertise. There is a constant demand by the panel for high level evidence (RCTs) which is often not available for children We agree that the current distinction between the HEC and CEC schemes is artificial and therefore we support combining these schemes. However as there is no recommendation to change the budgetary responsibilities inequities will persist. Some DHBТs, particularly quaternary centres will commence a patient on a specialised medicine ( because of standard clinical practice) and the patientТs home DHB is expected to continue with ongoing treatment The criteria for the EC scheme will need substantial revision for the incorporation into the mainstream process to be effective. The criteria should be public to ensure an open and transparent process. There is a much broader range of medicines available in 2010 than when the schemeТs criteria were first put in place. Paediatric medicines On p30 the report states In general, because there are fewer trials of medicines in forms appropriate for children than for adults, there are relatively few medicines registered for children. This is not correct. In general, there are fewer trials of medicines in children, reducing the availability of appropriate dosage forms for this population. Pharmaceutical companies will not produce and register a child friendly formulation if they do not have dosing or safety information to use the medicine in children. Changes in Medicine Supply: On p30 the report states As a consequence of other PHARMAC decisions, disruptions in medicine supply pose problems for paediatric patients. This statement is correct but requires clarification. It refers to changes made to medicine supply where a Pharmac decision has resulted in a brand change, altering the formulation of the medicine. The consequences are not necessarily obvious at the time the decision is made. Such changes can alter our ability to use the funded medicine as was done previously prior to the change by Pharmac. For example the change to amlodipine and atenolol generic tablets, changed our ability to formulate these tablets into a liquid using the previous compounding formulation. This has resulted in the hospital procuring an unregistered liquid from overseas or using compounding vehicles that are not funded. An important issue in paediatric medicine and pharmacy is the provision of medicines that are child friendly. We thank you for emphasising the importance of access to stable liquid formulations in the report. Most children receive their health care in the primary health care sector. It is therefore just as important that primary health care providers can access appropriate formulations for children. Therefore the statement on p31 An evidence-based and available suspending agent is funded for paediatric specialist prescribed medicines should be amended to read: An evidence-based and available suspending agent is funded for medicines prescribed for paediatric patients. Procurement of Pharmaceuticals (p40; recommendation 3) Clarification of the implications of this recommendation is needed. If it implies that individual DHB pharmacists would not be faced with managing the consequences of global or national shortages of medicines then we would support this recommendation. However, we would be concerned that involving PHARMAC in one off situations could result in unnecessary bureaucratic delays in a patient receiving an essential drug. This is particularly important for highly specialised medicines required in only a small number of patients. For example, ADHB currently source long acting pyridostigmine tablets via section 29 for one patient. This patient is the only person in New Zealand who requires this drug. Accessing this drug in a timely fashion to initiate treatment and maintaining a supply in the country is crucial in enabling this patient to be managed clinically and remain in the community. If Pharmac controlled the procurement of all pharmaceuticals would this scenario be manageable to an acceptable level? There will always be a need for exceptions and Pharmac would need to be able to process such requests in a timely manner as discussed in recommendation 6 (p41). National Formulary (p41; recommendation 5) The Paediatric Society strongly supports the recommendation to establish a New Zealand National Formulary. We would like to see this include pertinent paediatric information such as licensing and formulation information. We note that there would be substantial cost and resources required to develop this. Availability of low cost highly specialised medicines (p43; recommendation 11) We support this recommendation Proposal that PHARMAC be responsible for clinical and economic assessments, funding decisions and procurement with respect to all health technologies (e.g. pharmaceuticals, devices, vaccines and medical and surgical procedures and equipment).(p44; recommendation 12) We strongly disagree with this solution. We think this has come about through comparing PHARMAC with NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, UK). There are important differences. NICE is a well resourced organisation, which produces evidence based guidelines for the NHS in England and Wales. In New Zealand the development of evidence based guidelines is supported and largely carried out by New Zealand Guidelines Group (NZGG). The development of quality evidence based guidelines is a costly labour intensive process which requires input from a range of professional experts. The quality of any guideline depends on the availability of evidence (usually from randomised controlled trials) on which to base recommendations for clinical practice. The major barrier to guideline development (apart from resources) is whether appropriate trials have been reported in the literature. An even greater barrier is getting health care professionals to implement guidelines. The PHARMAC process is very different from that of NICE. Applications to PHARMAC are usually initiated by pharmaceutical companies. Alternatively clinicians may indicate that a particular pharmaceutical agent is needed, for example, clinicians require statins to treat people with high cholesterol levels. PHARMAC, on advice from PTAC, negotiates a price for those statins which PTAC advises are appropriate to be funded. PHARMAC does not seek to advise clinicians on the overall management of individuals with high cholesterol. The Paediatric Society supports exploring the option of PHARMAC (or another agency) negotiating the bulk purchase of disposables (e.g. intravenous cannulae) used in New Zealand health services. The Paediatric Society does not support PHARMAC taking responsibility for major capital expenditure on equipment or the development of evidence based guidelines. Wastage (p38 & p45; recommendation 15) We agree with the comments in the document about wastage and the need to reduce costs by addressing this problem. This submission prepared by members of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of the Paediatric Society of New Zealand: Caroline De Luca, Brenda Hughes, Rosemary Marks, Andrew Sutton and William Wong. 9 February 2010. rs… K l   M N O I J 7  “ HJ^_пяѕяј±°±Т±Гte±tetVtH:hыh„[Ќ>*CJ^JaJhыh60њ>*CJ^JaJhыhovђCJaJmH sH hыh@ДCJaJmH sH hыh:;}CJaJmH sH hыhy"CJaJmH sH hыhрRЖCJaJmH sH hыhХdn>*CJaJmH sH hыhХdnCJaJmH sH hыh{ЏCJaJmH sH hИCRhХdn5БCJaJmH sH hИCRhы5БCJaJmH sH hИCRh{Џ5БCJaJmH sH s… J K l  J ччччччч™]L$ & FE∆А®KвFЈрa$gdy"L$ & FE∆А®KвFЈрa$gdy"$a$gdy" г&э IJ_cd«»ЪЫopІ=>iЫ≤™ЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮТТТ $7$8$H$a$gdSя $7$8$H$a$gdy"$a$gdy"L$ & FE∆А®KвFЈрa$gdy"_x4етdАЩ %Cgouі»÷уе‘«Ї≠Ї†Лt_J_5_J_J)hыh№ ТCJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыhy"CJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыh/ CJ^JaJfHq  €€€€,hыhh9н6БCJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыhh9нCJ^JaJfHq  €€€€hыhЮ5^CJ^JaJhыhy"CJ^JaJhыh№ ТCJ^JaJhыhh9нCJ^JaJ hыh60њCJOJQJ^JaJhыh60њ6БCJ^JaJhыh60њCJ^JaJ÷в2D≤Ўўе )5AnpЙК∆«»Ш|жшnoк’јЂјЂ’ЂјЂјЂјЂкЂјЂ’ЦЙ|n|aSn|hыhд 6БCJ^JaJhыhд CJ^JaJhыhQ)Т6БCJ^JaJhыhQ)ТCJ^JaJhыh7°CJ^JaJ)hыhЮ5^CJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыh№ ТCJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыh/ CJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыhy"CJ^JaJfHq  €€€€)hыhд CJ^JaJfHq  €€€€opОT`ijmn£JЈƒЏфЛЌ’Ўру "Ъ<=iЫЬ»—кл уеуЎуЎЋуЎуЋуЋуЋуЋуЋуЊЋ±ЋЊ§уЦЋЙ{m`Й`hыhQ)ТCJ^JaJhыhQ)Т>*CJ^JaJhыh&>*CJ^JaJhыh&CJ^JaJhыhSя>*CJ^JaJhыhe,∆CJ^JaJhыhЮ5^CJ^JaJhыhЎ¬CJ^JaJhыhSяCJ^JaJhыh_EFCJ^JaJhыhXxж>*CJ^JaJhыhXxжCJ^JaJ#ЫЬл  ф!х!$$l%m%Ф%&&г&убўўуууууууЌЌЌЌ $7$8$H$a$gdSя$a$gdy"$ ∆X !7$8$H$a$gdy" $7$8$H$a$gdy"   ЙНэюj%k%l%t%У%&&&/&&в&г&уж‘∆µ∆ж®жЫжО®О®Дzk_RhыhИCRCJ^JaJhИCRCJaJmH sH hыhИCRCJaJmH sH hИCRCJ^JaJhрRЖCJ^JaJhыh—ZCJ^JaJhыh„ЯCJ^JaJhыhSяCJ^JaJ!hыhрRЖ6Б>*CJ]Б^JaJhыhрRЖ>*CJ^JaJ#hыhрRЖ>*CJ^JaJmH sH hыhрRЖCJ^JaJhыh:;}CJ^JaJ21Рh:pИCR∞В. ∞∆A!∞я"∞я#Рэ$Рэ%∞∞≈∞≈ РƒЖЬH@с€H Normal CJOJQJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@т€°D Default Paragraph FontRi@у€≥R  Table Normalц4÷ l4÷aц (k@ф€Ѕ(No ListHЩ@тH @Д Balloon TextCJOJQJ^JaJB'ҐB  ZTComment ReferenceCJaJ<@<  ZT Comment TextCJaJ@j@  ZTComment Subject5Б\Бг:€€€€s… JKlJ IJ_cd« » Ъ Ы opІ=>iЫЬл  фхlmФеШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ 0ААШ 0ААШ 0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААs… JKlJ IJ_cd« » Ъ Ы opІ=>iЫЬл  фхlmФеКС00'АЪ0АААШ0АААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААШ0ААЪ 0ААШ 0ААШ 0ААШ0ААШ0АААШ0АААШ0АААЪ0АААЪ0АААШ0ААШ0ААЪ0ААШ0АААШ0ААЪ0ААШ0АААШ0АААШ0АААШ0АААШ0ААШ0АААШ0АААЪ0АААШ0АААШ0АААШ0АААШ0АААЪ0АААШ0АААШ0АААИС0'0АШ0ААЪ0АА_÷o г& Ыг&г&€€Rа/ф8$Sа/§љ$Tа/t÷Uа/4ѓ€Vа/Мі€Wа/ђ{§Xа/<¶€Yа/|¶€Zа/t#[а/і#\а/ф#]а/4$^а/t$_а/Ь`а/№aа/Аbа/\Аcа/ЬАdа/і”∞eа/ф”∞fа/4‘∞gа/t‘∞hа/і‘∞iа/ф‘∞jа/§Щ€kа/дЩ€lа/$Ъ€mа/dЪ€nа/§Ъ€ggљљy‘я&eРб3ИЏAў@@єє>JJTTђђttе     rr»»{÷б(gТг5К№CџKKїїEOO__ЈЈе B*Аurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsАcountry-regionА9*Аurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsАplaceА>*Аurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags АPersonNameА ƒ%†жф'.Ёбе/7| ~ “е33сJ_pІ>imФеЁбе I(р3€€€€€€€€€$[XвўNЙ€€€€€€€€€hД–ДШю∆–^Д–`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHЈрРhД†ДШю∆†^Д†`ДШюOJQJ^Jo(ЗhИHoРhДpДШю∆p^Дp`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHІрРhД@ ДШю∆@ ^Д@ `ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHЈрРhДДШю∆^Д`ДШюOJQJ^Jo(ЗhИHoРhДаДШю∆а^Да`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHІрРhД∞ДШю∆∞^Д∞`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHЈрРhДАДШю∆А^ДА`ДШюOJQJ^Jo(ЗhИHoРhДPДШю∆P^ДP`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHІрhД ДШю∆ ^Д `ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHЈрРhД№ДШю∆№^Д№`ДШюOJQJ^Jo(ЗhИHoРhДђДШю∆ђ^Дђ`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHІрРhД| ДШю∆| ^Д| `ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHЈрРhДLДШю∆L^ДL`ДШюOJQJ^Jo(ЗhИHoРhДДШю∆^Д`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHІрРhДмДШю∆м^Дм`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHЈрРhДЉДШю∆Љ^ДЉ`ДШюOJQJ^Jo(ЗhИHoРhДМДШю∆М^ДМ`ДШюOJQJo(ЗhИHІр$[X I€€€€€€€€€€€€                  ?е>д<≈A д —Zu53y"& '°50->qaA€iBmC_EFџNИCR ZTЮ5^UAmХdn{rsm_w:;}^~/ @Д3ЕђJЕБbЕрRЖоЙўР№ ТQ)Т№cТќ?Це:Э„Я7°x=™£oЂђfђovђЫѓZQµrє60њ!kЅЎ¬e,∆YC „[ЌЂI—{ЏSяґг\eжXxжh9ныf ынZ€€@Авв(-Еввг`@€€UnknownAuckland District Health BoardAuckland District Health Board€€0Auckland District Health Board20100209T130820880HKвF€€Auckland District Health Board€€€€€€€€GРЗz А€Times New Roman5РАSymbol3&Р Зz А€ArialKРTimesNewRomanPSMT5&Р ЗzaА€Tahoma?5Р Зz А€Courier New;РАWingdings"qИИр–h®KвF®KвFЬG8ЬG8!ряэііББ24d‘‘ 2ГQрHX)р€?д€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€Хdn≤€€!Draft response on HCHS meds paperAuckland District Health BoardAuckland District Health Board  ю€аЕЯтщOhЂС+'≥ў0ЉРШƒ–ш$ LX x Д РЬ§ђід$Draft response on HCHS meds paper Auckland District Health Board Normal.dot Auckland District Health Board2Microsoft Office Word@ П@Ш— (© @Ш— (© ЬGю€’Ќ’Ь.УЧ+,щЃD’Ќ’Ь.УЧ+,щЃh$ hpШ†®∞ Єј»– Ў д Auckland District Health Board8‘' "Draft response on HCHS meds paper Title® P (4TtФЬ_AdHocReviewCycleID_NewReviewCycle_EmailSubject _AuthorEmail_AuthorEmailDisplayName_PreviousAdHocReviewCycleID_ReviewingToolsShownOnceдШ  nHCHS meds - 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The Paediatric Society believes all children and youth should, by right, attain optimal physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.  By working as a coordinated national network of health professionals the Society dedicates its efforts and resources to making official submissions to both Government and Non-Government organisations on issues that will impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

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