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2021 World Pediatrics Conference (Hybrid Event)
Start Date
19 November 2021 - 08:00AM
End Date
20 November 2021 - 17:00PM

This International Pediatrics Congress 2021WPC is going to be held at Bangkok, Thailand during November 19-20, 2021 around the theme ‘Current Challenges in Delivering Pediatric and Neonatal Researches’ which enable the professionals from worldwide to exchange their views on a wide variety of topics affecting childcare and those suffering from pediatric diseases around the world. Since Genetic variance, developmental issues and Congenital defects are of a greater concern to pediatricians, we will be exploring more into these fields.


The main objectives of the Pediatric Conferences are to:

  • Advance the education of physicians and other professionals in the care of patients with pediatric and neonatal diseases.
  • To attain the best possible childcare for all people around the world.
  • Support the development of clinical and medical science on pediatrics and neonatal researches.
  • Provide a platform to present new ideas and treatments for pediatric and neonatal diseases.
  • Enable scientists and physicians to interchange experiences and formulate new medical strategies.

For further information please visit 2021 World Pediatrics Conference | Child Care Congress | Bangkok (