ࡱ> DFC bjbjqq 4(ee44wwwww$V%fp3333$$$$$$$$&^)$wccc$ww33%cw3w3$c$r"Q$3`*d y #$&%0V%#**Q$Q$*we$\0>"`|$$qjV%cccc*4 =: Paediatric Society of New Zealands development of Child and Youth Health Services: Evolving Development of Clinical Networks March 2012 Update No.1 Child and Youth Clinical Networks The national Advisory Group meets monthly by teleconference (either telephone or using Scopia videoconferencing via the internet) with face to face meetings every third month. In the second half of 2011, the Advisory Group reviewed the feedback from the regional meetings held earlier in the year and prioritised further networks for development. The current work programme includes developing a structure for ongoing support of Clinical Networks when the current contract finishes at the end of 2012. Steady progress is being made on the current networks under development which are: Clinical Network for Child Protection Clinical Network for Paediatric Palliative Care Clinical Network for the Treatment of Childhood Eczema Clinical Network for the Treatment of Children and Young People with Diabetes (i) Child Protection: National Clinical Leader, Dr Patrick Kelly This Network has been functioning for almost 8 months and is steadily working through activities, aligned to the contracted schedule. This includes having nominated clinicians in all DHBs, supporting the optional roll out of the Shaken Baby Programme in DHBs, working with DHBs on roll out of the Child Protection Alert system and the continued work with Police, CYF (MSD), informed by the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year. This work is supported through the SIG, Child Protection Co-ordinators and Violence Intervention Programme co-ordinators. Contact for more information on national clinical service development is  HYPERLINK "mailto:PatrickK@adhb.govt.nz" PatrickK@adhb.govt.nz (ii) Clinical Network for the Palliative Care Treatment for Children and Youth: National Clinical Leader, Dr Ross Drake Following an open EOI process Dr Ross Drake was appointed Clinical Lead mid December 2011. A contract has been agreed with ADHB and a 12 month schedule of clinical networking activities has commenced. Expressions of Interest have been invited for the development of a multidisciplinary Clinical Advisory Group, Terms of Reference have been agreed to and formal discussion have commenced with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Healths document, Integrated Paediatric Palliative Care Services in New Zealand (2011) will inform this networks development. Contact for more information on national clinical service development is  HYPERLINK "mailto:RossD@adhb.govt.nz" RossD@adhb.govt.nz (iii) Clinical Network for the Treatment of Children and Young People with Diabetes. Chair of the Executive Committee for this national group is Associate Professor, Esko Wiltshire, University of Otago. The development of this group is different to the other 3 as a dedicated clinical lead has not been appointed. In place of this role Expressions of Interest were invited for membership of an Executive Advisory Group to oversee the development of this national network, a group has been established, Chair nominated and the first face to face meeting held 29 February. Terms of Reference and a work plan has been agreed. Links have also been established with Ministry of Health to support data collection and analysis. Further information on this networks development will be sent out shortly or contact  HYPERLINK "mailto:esko.wiltshire@otago.ac.nz" esko.wiltshire@otago.ac.nz (iv) Clinical Network for the Treatment of Childhood Eczema. Medical Lead, Dr Diana Purvis and Nursing Lead, Debbie Rickard. Expressions of Interest where invited for a clinical lead for this network however, after consideration by PSNZ Executive Group, it was agreed that the diversity of the network would be best served by 2 clinical leads, a Medical Lead (e.g. expertise re secondary and tertiary services and links between professional bodies) and a Nursing Lead (e.g. focus on expanding a successful primary and secondary care service model). The two appointments were confirmed January 2012 and contracts, and a workplan agreed February 2012. Expressions of Interest have been invited for membership of an expert Clinical Reference Group for this network and the first face to face meeting for this group is scheduled for mid April. Contact for further information on this national clinical service development is  HYPERLINK "mailto:DianaP@adhb.govt.nz" DianaP@adhb.govt.nz or  HYPERLINK "mailto:Debbie.Rickard@ccdhb.org.nz" Debbie.Rickard@ccdhb.org.nz The PSNZ Executive Group is aware of many other successful networks that function from a national or regional perspective. If you would like to add your networks to an information base please send your information to  HYPERLINK "mailto:molliewilson@xtra.co.nz" molliewilson@xtra.co.nz . 4SU~j  ? I ͽ~raWF5 h]%h]%CJ^JaJmH sH  h]%h]%CJ^JaJmH sH h]%^JmH sH  hVihViCJ^JaJmH sH hViCJaJmH sH hVihViCJaJmH sH  h1 hViCJ^JaJmH sH hViCJ^JaJmH sH  h{,`h]%CJ^JaJmH sH h{,`h]%5\^JmH sH h@mH sH h]%5CJaJmH sH huMh@5CJaJmH sH h@5CJaJmH sH 4  * Z # RY((gd{,` & F7$8$@& gd{,`7$8$gd{,`gd{,`$a$gd{,`$a$gd{,`I Y Z  ! 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