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Fetus & Newborn

The Fetus & Newborn SIG was established to ensure issues relevant to the fetus and newborn are regularly appraised. Members represent the Paediatric Society on a number of national committees and groups such as the Maternity Clinical Indicators Executive Working Group, the National Maternity Monitoring Group, Maternal Fetal Medicine Network and Governance Group. With the establishment of the Newborn Clinical Network in 2013 the clinical leadership role for newborn has worked through the Newborn Clinical Network with the aim to develop and maintain a nation-wide clinical service as close to home as is practicable. Given the size and range of newborn services the Newborn Clinical Network is particularly interested in advocating for the provision of equitable high quality newborn care in New Zealand. The Newborn Clinical Network have medical and nursing leaders from across New Zealand from both the large (Level 3) and smaller (Level 2) centres. The lead regional level 3 unit have always supported their level 2 units and we wish to add to that with national practice recommendations as decided by the clinical network group. See the Clinical Network site for more activity.

Convenor: Nicola Austin