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Infectious Diseases & Immunisation

The Infection and Immunisation Special Interest Group is an active group including specialist infectious diseases paediatricians, general paediatricians, public health colleagues, antimicrobial pharmacists, microbiologists, general practitioners and immunisation advocates. We have strong links with the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) at the University of Auckland who work nationally as a service provider and research organisation around immunisation. - Organise face-to-face day meetings for education and advocacy purposes covering diverse topics as antimicrobial stewardship, new immunisations and paediatric virology - Run workshop days prior to the Annual Paediatric Society - Provide response to PHARMAC around appropriate access for anti-infective’s in all formulations for children, national immunisation schedule changes and funding for vaccines for special groups. - Create Paediatric Society Position statements for example on necessity of universal rotavirus vaccine for NZ (2012) - Feedback on MOH initiatives e.g.: National Sore Throat guidelines, Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy - Astute observations by members on our list server detect outbreaks of novel infectious agents in NZ

Convenor: Tony Walls, Hazel Dobinson