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The PSNZ Surgical Special Interest Group provides a forum to discuss issues around surgical conditions and the provision of surgical services to children in New Zealand. The New Zealand Society of Paediatric Surgeons is the specialty’s professional group and this group works closely with the PSNZ to foster inter-disciplinary care. Specialist paediatric surgical services are based in four DHBs (CDHB, CCDHB, WDHB, and ADHB) but the burden of surgical disease in children is spread across the country. Moreover, children receive surgical intervention from a variety of surgical specialties in addition to paediatric surgery. These include: ORL, Orthopaedics, General Surgeons, and Urologists - in a variety of contexts. This SIG can act as a forum to facilitate dialogue around improving access to and quality of care for all clinicians involved in the care of children with surgical conditions.