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The Paediatric Society of New Zealand provides information available to the public on all matters that concern the health and welfare of children and advancing public education and awareness of the science and practice of paediatrics, child health and welfare of children.

Taking the Pulse of NZ Child and Youth Health

Created: 26/11/2007

In a first for New Zealand, information from many sectors and non-government organisations has been combined to produce a set of child and youth indicators and reports which highlight factors influencing health, and indicating opportunities for early intervention.

The two reports, 'Monitoring the Health of New Zealand Children and Young People; A Literature Review and Framework Development'and the companion document 'Indicator Framework',commissed by the Ministry of Health in 2006, were the result of extensive international and national reviews, and involved considerable consultation and collection of data across many sectors that had not been brought together before. These reports were released at the Paediatric Society of New Zealand Conference on Monday November 26.

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