Neurodevelopment Network Lunch & Learn

13 February 2024

Neurodevelopment Network - Lunch & Learn NZ Series

The Research and Reality of Therapy in Schools

12pm - 12.30pm  |  Tuesday 13 February, 2024  |  Hosted on Zoom


This presentation will look at the current evidence base for therapy in schools and raise questions about the value and effectiveness of this model of care for children with cerebral palsy.

Guest Speaker: Mindy Silva

Mindy is a paediatric physiotherapist who completed her PhD through the University of Otago exploring how we can use technology to support parents in managing therapy home programmes for their children with cerebral palsy. Her passion and the central theme in both her masters dissertation and PhD thesis, is the value of partnering with parents in pediatric rehabilitation and research. Mindy currently divides her time between part-time clinical work an online community of practice for pediatric therapists, connecting them with thought leaders for ongoing clinical development.

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Links to pre readings and resources for participants:

Riding the Crest of the Wave: Inclusive Education in New Zealand.

Special Education 2000 Policy: Our Leaky Home?

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