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NZCYCN for Diabetes Developed New Resource in Response to Phone Ban in Schools

The National Clinical Network for Children and Young People with Diabetes has raised concerns about the upcoming school cell phone ban. In response, they've crafted a valuable resource to assist young people in advocating for their health needs. This initiative highlights the critical need for students with diabetes to maintain access to their mobile phones during school hours. These devices are essential for them to monitor their glucose levels continuously, thanks to connectivity with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices.

The letter serves a dual purpose: it not only articulates the necessity for students with diabetes to keep their phones within reach - specifically, no further than 6 meters to ensure alarm audibility - but it also stresses the importance of allowing these students the autonomy to check their devices whenever they deem it necessary. This approach underscores the balance between educational policies and the health and safety requirements of students managing chronic conditions like diabetes.

Access the letter here.

More information on creating a safe environment for young people with diabetes at school here.