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New resources: Newborn Transitional Care

Added 30th May 2024

Our newborn clinical reference group is delighted to share Te Whakapuāwai Pēpi o Aotearoa - Newborn Transitional Care: Resources for Health Professionals.

As a network, they are very aware of the needs of pēpi born 35 weeks and above. Transitional care is a model that avoids separation of the dyad and provides optimal care, recognising the importance of māmā presence with her pēpi 24/7. 

A working group of senior midwives, nurses, medical staff, Māori and whānau cultural support have contributed to the content of this document by reviewing best practice standards for newborn transitional care. 

The purpose of this document is to provide resources and information to guide health professionals caring for māmā, pēpi and whānau receiving newborn transitional care. 

Toriana Hunt - Kaimahi Hauora Māori, gifted the name for this rōpu of Te Whakapuāwai Pēpi o Aotearoa (the process to help flourish/nurture babies within NZ) as the name for Newborn Transitional care in New Zealand.

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